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Hi, my name is Sandi Chomyn and thanks for stopping by my personal website.

If you're currently in a network marketing business or seriously considering joining one, be sure to watch the full video below that uncovers the painful truth about the home business industry, and the REAL reason why most home based entrepreneurs are destined to fail from day one, unless they take a different direction...

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Exactly WHY the Traditional MLM business model of recruiting distributors and building a downline is fundamentally FLAWED, and how to never lose a downline again.

 The critical components to look at when evaluating ANY home-based business.

The raw uncensored facts about what it REALLY takes to build a 
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What many consider to be the best kept secret in the entire home business industry.

This eye-opening video may anger some, but will help countless others, and will show you a proven way to profit without recruiting.

If you've had trouble recruiting or getting customers in other opportunities, you'll LOVE this breakthrough business model that's 25 times the power of MLM or Network Marketing!

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Listen to our team call as multiple six-figure earner, Cody Ramsey introduces the company we've chosen to partner with.

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 Financial Advisor - Peter Arnold


 Airline Pilot - Dino Stylianopoulos


 Stay-at-Home Mom - Ginny Dwyer


 Artist & Marketer - Brad Weinman


 Former Police Officer - Jerry Tellier

†Internet Marketer - Brian Garvin

†Internet Marketer - Jeff West

 Real Estate Investor - Tammy Montgomery

 Business Owner - Richard Sortino


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To find out more about Trivita or to join, please visit my corporate website by clicking here.

If you have any additional questions, I can be reached at (306) 597-4534 or ziggie@sasktel.net. You can also add me on Twitter http://twitter.com/zigginet.


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Commonly Asked Questions:

"If this business is so great, why haven't I heard of it?"

"If this company is so successful, why do they need us?"

 "What separates this business from everything else?"

"Why is this NOT MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Sales?"

"Why would I want to join this business if I'm already successful?"

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As with any business, there are no guarantees regarding income, and the success or failure of each Affiliate Member. Your results may vary, and like any other business, will depend upon each Affiliate Memberís own individual capacity, personal effort, and time devoted to the business as well as market conditions. 

The testimonials and examples used are based on actual results, however, some of the results presented are exceptional, and do not apply to the average Affiliate Member. They are not intended to represent or guarantee you will achieve the same results.


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